About Us

Established in 1990, Grosvenor Contracts operate a state of the art healthcare laundry and supply disposable cubicle curtains to healthcare providers. We are also a leading UK specialist in the cleaning, maintenance, supply and installation of blinds, curtains, window film and re-upholstery to the commercial world. Our dedication to customer service & delivery is paramount, we guarantee to challenge your current supplier.

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  • Disposable
    Cubicle Curtains

    Conventional fabric curtains are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Our disposables don’t just represent a major defence against HAIs, but taking into account, cleaning, maintenance and wear and tear they are more economical too. Switching from conventional to disposables couldn’t be easier with three hook types that fit all tracking systems. Find out more »

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  • New Blinds
    and Curtains

    From simple roller blinds or curtains to specialist systems and bomb blast nets Grosvenor Contracts can supply all branded blinds, curtains and designer fabrics to suit your requirements and budgets. We always aim to offer best value and to challenge your current supplier. Blinds, find out more »  Curtains, find out more »

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  • Blind & Curtain Cleaning & Maintenance

    With over 20 years experience working in universities, hospitals and high profile government buildings, to name a few, we know we offer a premier service. We don’t just clean, we disinfect and carry out maintenance too, lengthening the life of your assets, saving you money and improving your working environment. Find out more »

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  • Window Films
    and Bomb Film

    Anti-glare film, energy film, frosted manifestations and bomb film.
    For decoration, privacy, energy saving or security we can supply and install a full range of window film. Find out more »

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  • Re-upholstery

    In a healthcare environment benches, couches, chairs, and examination beds with damaged upholstery can be an infection control hazard, but you don’t need to spend money on expensive replacements. We can give your furniture a new lease of life.
    Find out more »