Best Value

Best value isn’t just the cheapest initial price, it’s the lowest cost over the ‘whole life’ of the product plus performance quality. We guarantee to always challenge your current supplier whilst also offering best value. When thinking about best value it’s worth considering the following:

  • Quality: How long will it last? How well made is it made? How will it perform?

    Service: How easy was it to make the purchase? Is it guaranteed? Is maintenance part of the deal?

    Delivery: Was it delivered on time? Was it a quality installation?

    Price: How much did you pay?

    For example: You have a choice of two products. A is half the price of B, but B will last four times as long. So A is initially cheaper, but over its whole lifetime B will cost less. So paying the cheapest price doesn’t mean you’re getting the best value. Check out our Case Studies for more information about best value »


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  • Grosvenor Contracts, always delivering best value

    Costs can vary due to extent or location, we offer our customers competitive, bespoke pricing and always aim to challenge your current supplier. All products supplied by Grosvenor Contacts are designed to be fit for purpose for commercial use.

    We’re not afraid to involve the client during the project and always insist on a client sign-off before considering the project complete. Our management systems are ISO14001 & 9001 certified and we apply a four-point quality check on all our work.

    Small enough to care but big enough to deliver

    We offer 24 hour email contact and phone contact between 7.30am and 6.30pm. As standard our lead times are fast, but we recognise that a rush service may sometimes be required – Grosvenor Contracts will always rise to the challenge.

    Our prices may not be the cheapest, but when you add quality, service and delivery in to the equation we know we’re delivering best value.