Blind Cleaning & Infection Control: Case Study

  • An Estates Director of a leading organisation contacted us and asked us to carry out a full appraisal of their window blinds. They had two concerns:

    • High level of sickness amongst their staff

    • Their blinds had never received a deep clean

    We conducted a bacteria swab test on their behalf, the results were staggering. Our independent UKAS approved laboratory found unacceptable levels of the following bacteria:

    For example: Aeromonas hydrophila may cause gastroenteritis in healthy individuals or septicemia in individuals with impaired immune systems or various malignancies – potentially leading to diarrhoea & dysentic illnesses. Pasteurella can be involved in systemic infections such as bacteremia, meningitis, brain abscess, endocarditis, and peritonitis is often associated with cirrhosis and immunosuppression.

    A healthier environment for healthier staff

    Traces of these harmful bacteria were found on blind slats, cords and wands. Grosvenor Contracts fully disinfected the blinds and carried out maintenance extending the life of the blinds and creating a healthier environment for staff.

  • Cost savings

    1. By increasing the life span of existing window coverings the client saved 85%-90% on expensive replacement window blinds
    2. The client also saved the cost of responsibly disposing of existing blinds & window coverings in an environmentally friendly fashion

    Environmentally friendly

    • We removed harmful bacteria, pollutants and allergens from the clients blinds
    • No use of dangerous cleaning solvents or chemicals during the Ultrasonic Process
    • We increased the life expectancy of the existing window blinds and coverings reducing the long-term effects on the environment

    Blinds act as air filters and may be contaminated with unacceptable levels of harmful bacteria. This can be a major threat to your office environment and staff wellbeing.


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