Major Clean Saves Time & £,000s: Case Study

  • An East London Academy asked us to clean and make repairs to a small number of blinds that were failing. The blinds had been installed five years previously and had undergone no cleaning or maintenance.

    As time went by we were called back again and again for more and more blind cleaning and maintenance. The Academy was very happy with our service, but we did seem to be spending quite a lot of time there. To save time and money we suggested that during the summer holidays we would clean and repair ALL their blinds in one hit, they had 500+ blinds spread over three floors. We removed all the blinds from site, carried out Ultrasonic Cleaning, made repairs and replaced a few blinds too.

    We haven’t heard from them since

    Not only was it more cost and time effective to have ALL the blinds cleaned and serviced at once, but the client has prolonged the life of their blinds and created a cleaner healthier environment for the pupils.

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