Disposables Cubicle Curtains: Case Study

  • The annual costs for cleaning and maintaining fabric cubicle curtains is staggering. It’s enough to make any facilities manager a little queasy when they see the bill.

    Depending on the trust, fabric cubicle curtains should be cleaned and disinfected three or four times a year and must be replaced every five years. With all the unhooking and rehooking, having them laundered and then refitted full-time staff are required just to manage a hospitals curtains.

    A west London trust recently changed to disposables, not just for their cubicle curtains, but for their window curtains too. Once the trust had made the change, they found their year-round in-house maintenance was converted into a bi-annual, three week change by our expert fitters. There were no more size mix-ups, Infection Control scored top points because the heat sealed audit labels confirmed the date of the next change which ensured maximum safety against infection and dirt build up and the wards took on the appearance of a neat, clean, organized and clinically safe environment.

    Lastly, but not least, we helped the trust save tens of thousands of pounds every year, year on year.

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