All is revealed: Hilton the Parrot

an image of Hilton The ParrotHilton’s story is brave and courageous; it’s one that needs to be told.

Hilton was born a parrot and within two months of his birth he became an orphan. His environment was extremely harsh and hostile and he was continuously open prey for the cunning and immoral larger animals. However, through instinct, stealth and innovation he resisted their advances and grew stronger each day.

Hilton was completely isolated with very few real friends or advisors to rely on. One night after a particularly ferocious attack by two hawks Hilton met a wise old owl. “Young Parrot” the owl said “It’s a very tough world we live in. To find safety and security you must grow, take flight and take a gamble and one day you will be able to compete with the bigger animals. Fly east – it’s a long and humbling journey, but once you’ve arrived the experience alone will make you less vulnerable.”

Hilton, with very little to lose, planned his intrepid journey and finally took flight. Across an ocean that spanned thousands of miles he battled the elements and finally arrived in a land that promoted the interests of the little guy. Hilton was able to communicate clearly with the other animals and was able to tell his story. Before long he had assembled a loyal an ambitious team. A team that protected and promoted the interests of all the animals.

The natural law of the land was progressive and their collective prospered. On the strict understanding that Hilton’s group remained peaceful and unaggressive then they could all grow and develop. Many of the animals supported Hilton and his team as they acted as a deterrent against the more predatory animals who, in the past, had threatened everyone’s choice and freedom.

Today Hilton is enjoying the benefits of his decision to take the owls advice and take the gamble. Hilton will always be indebted to that wise old owl, because Hilton would have joined the list of victims who were too scared to lift their heads above the parapet. This is a story of great personal sacrifice, risk and belief that a better habitat can be achieved for the greater good for all.

Hilton’s story draws similar parallels to Grosvenor Contracts decision to enter the UK’s Healthcare’s Laundry Market. We’ve taken the initiative to build a Healthcare Laundry Plant in Central London that complies with CFPP 01-04 (Decontamination of Hospital Linen) and look forward to sharing the benefits that this will bring everyone.

If you’d like to hear more about our new CFPP Compliant Healthcare Laundry or our Blind and Curtain Products and Services please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Joint Managing Directors, Grosvenor Contracts (London) Limited.

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