Are we finally winning the war against superbugs? Drug that ‘kills MRSA’ is hailed as first viable alternative to antibiotics

  • A small test study found Staphefekt is effective in targeting MRSA

  • Scientists believe likelihood the bug will become resistant to the new drug is ‘very limited’, prompting them to hail the discovery a breakthrough

  • Drug is already used in creams to combat skin conditions including eczema

  • Targets bacteria resistant to antibiotics but leaves ‘good’ strains alone

  • Britain’s chief medical officer has said the threat posed by antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria is ‘as bad as terrorism’

Scientists have created the first viable alternative to antibiotics, marking the next step in the fight against drug-resistant superbugs.

A small test study has found the new drug is effective at targeting the bacteria that causes MRSA.

Researchers believe the likelihood of the bug developing a resistance to the new drug is ‘very limited’.

A version of the drug is already used in specialist creams to treat conditions including acne, eczema, rosacea and skin irritations.

Dutch biotech firm Micreos claims Staphefekt is the first endolysin – a bacteria-killing enzyme – available for use on human skin.

While targeting MRSA and other strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics, the drug’s make up means it leaves ‘good’ bacteria unharmed – important in the case of long-term use.

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