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    The benefits of using a commercial HTM 01-04 standard laundry service for Care homes and other Healthcare facilities

    The business of healthcare becomes ever more complex as legislation changes and staff requirements evolve. There are, however, certain critical aspects of running a care home, hospice or other residential private healthcare facility that should not be over-complicated. These include securing your energy suppliers, having your water and plumbing sorted, and ensuring your linens are […]

  • A huge range of blinds to enhance your workplace

    With over 20 years of experience in supplying and installing high-quality blinds in a range of prestigious, professional environments including hospitals, universities, consulates and government buildings, at Grosvenor Contracts we’re confident we can provide you with the perfect blinds for your needs. All levels of privacy, light exclusion and safety measures can be accommodated, so […]

  • Partition curtains and disposable curtains: uses and benefits

    Curtains are an essential part of any hospital. Visitors might just assume they’re for privacy, and of course, that’s an important function. But partition curtains, whether fabric or disposable, are about so much more than protecting patient modesty. They can actually help prevent the spread of infection and make the hospital a safer and more […]

  • Anti-Bomb Blast Nets Grosvenor Contracts

    Bomb blast nets and anti-shatter film for windows

    According to the UK Government, “terrorism presents a serious and sustained threat to the United Kingdom and UK interests abroad.” Although recent terrorist activity in Europe has increasingly involved so-called marauding terrorist firearms attacks, the threat from terrorists using improvised explosive devices still remains. Where such attacks do take place, particularly in urban areas, most […]

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    Setting the standards – Validation and environmental testing

    Grosvenor Contracts are delighted to have achieved a log reduction of 7.6 – 7.8 of our wash disinfection process. A log reduction of 5 or more is required under CFPP01-04 guidelines. These results demonstrate our ability to raise the standards in the healthcare laundry sector and supports our continued investment into the latest technology.

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    Arab Health 2016

    Grosvenor contracts are pleased to announce the latest laundry contracts Our stand at the Arab Health 2016 exhibition was a resounding success with awareness of our products and services generated and a number of new export orders secured. Here are some photographs from the exhibition:  

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    Electrolux Professional reveals infection prevention findings

    Over a quarter of care home staff in the UK do not feel their laundry is managed in a way that completely avoids contamination, according to a recent report on the sector from Electrolux Professional. The survey covered over 160 care home professionals and Electrolux conducted this study prior to launching an in-depth report on […]