Disposable are playing a more crucial role than ever before

Curtains, including disposables, are a vital part of any healthcare centre – and not just for the reason you might be thinking of. While modesty for patients is certainly a factor, curtains are vital to preventing the spread of infection and diseases, and amidst the coronavirus pandemic, they’re more important now than ever.

Partition curtains in any healthcare centre – whether it be a hospital or a care home – provide a neat and enclosed space that patients can call their own. They provide patients with privacy for things such as examinations, day-to-day healthcare procedures, and their own space to speak to their loved ones when they visit.

In hospitals, they can also be used as a way to encourage patients to stay in their own area, which is especially important when thinking about stopping the risk of spreading infection. Even in the places that take the utmost care to get rid of bacteria and maintain high levels of cleanliness, bacteria can lurk on unexpected surfaces, so making sure patients stay in their own areas means that people who are vulnerable to infection and disease can stay safe while they are being looked after.

How can disposable curtains stop the spread of bacteria?

The best way to stop the spread of bacteria, in many cases, is to ensure that disposable curtains are being used and replaced regularly. These curtains are usually available in a huge array of sizes and fittings to ensure they can work in any space and can be removed, replaced, and disposed of quickly and safely.

These curtains usually have labels that mark exactly when they need to be changed to ensure that they aren’t being overused. This means that even if the curtain isn’t contaminated, you’re still consistently eliminating the risk of bacteria passing between spaces and spreading around the healthcare centre.

Another huge benefit to using disposable curtains is that they’re one less thing to throw in the laundry. If you’re using fabric curtains, they take a huge amount of time and space to clean, not only making it more difficult to clean bed linens and the like, but also costing a lot of money and a lot of laundry detergent. Disposable curtains completely eliminate the need for any of that and are also much more environmentally friendly and wildlife conscious than their fabric alternatives as most disposable curtains are also recyclable.

Keeping stock and ensuring supply

Now, more than ever, is the time to be keeping an eye on stock levels for disposables. Whilst everyone wants to make sure that there is enough for all settings, with demand increasing and likely to continue increasing at short notice, it is clear that maintaining a good stock level will be key over the coming months.

Here at Grosvenor, we are part of the NHS Supplychain Agreement and our disposables can be order through this. We offer a range of disposable cubicle curtains, linen and shower curtains.

We can work with you on your stock and supply, ensuring that you have what you need when you need it. We are experienced with NHS and private hospitals, as well as other healthcare settings such as care homes.

What other benefits do disposable partition curtains have?

While the role of partition curtains being used to prevent the spread of infection cannot be overstated, there are some other advantages for the patients that solid walls just can’t compare to.

As mentioned above, partition curtains are especially useful for protecting a patient’s dignity. They’re perfect for when a patient wants to spend some time alone, or when they have to change or undergo check-ups or have visitors. Being able to quietly and quickly create their own private space in a room can improve a patient’s wellbeing and sense of self in what can be a scary time for patients.

Another benefit – and one that once again makes disposable curtains all the more useful – is the wide array of patterns, colours and styles that are available in order to fit any room and any patient. When you’re in a healthcare facility of any kind, it can be difficult adjusting to this new way of living – even if you’re only there for a couple of nights. Having all these different styles for patients means that they can choose something that makes them feel more at home, and disposable curtains make it even easier to switch in and change out a style with very little effort.

Both of these things can be hugely beneficial to a patient’s mental health. Going to a healthcare facility can be a stressful experience, especially if you’ve never been before, so taking the time to make sure patients are comfortable and giving them agency to make some of the changes they might like will put them more at ease – all while preventing the spread of infection.

How soon can we start using disposable curtains?

Well, the simple answer is – now! You might feel that because of the coronavirus and the way it has impacted stock elsewhere that getting your hands on disposable curtains might be difficult, but it’s actually more important than ever that you used them.

With the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, you’ll want to be switching out and changing curtains now more than ever, and disposable curtains are the best way to do that. They’re still easy to source and are vital to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the safety of healthcare facility patients, visitors, and workers.

Studies have found that around 42% of partition curtains in hospitals harbour enough bacteria to cause secondary infections, so disposing of those curtains safely and replenishing them with new, bacteria-free replacements is the easiest way to ensure that everyone is safe in whatever healthcare facility they’re using.

Here at Grosvenor Contracts we have current available stock of disposable partition curtains. Get in touch today to find out more and how to order. We are also part of the NHS Supplychain Supplier Framework Agreement and can also provide supplies through this.

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