Does your healthcare laundry look like this, or this?

an image of two fifferent types of laundry

Does your healthcare laundry meet the Essential Quality Requirements of the Choice Framework for Local Policies and Procedures CFPP 0104 (formerly HTM0104)?

Compliance with CFPP 0104 is a CQC (Care Quality Commision) requirement.

If you can’t answer yes to these 13 questioins you need to upgrade your laundry or choose a new laundry supplier. Grosvenor Contracts new purpose-built healthcare laundry meets and exceeds the requirements of CFPP 0104:

1. Is your healthcare laundry annually validated by a qualified microbiologist?
2. Does your healthcare laundry have clearly marked soiled and clean areas?
3. Does your healthcare laundry undertake risk analysis for cross contamination?
4. Can your laundry confirm load verification for every wash cycle?
5. Is your laundry equipment calibrated?
6. Does your laundry have planned maintenance contracts in place?
7. Does your laundry conduct quarterly decontamination testing in accordance EN14698?
8. Are all your laundry staff fully trained?
9. Is your laundry designed in such a way to reduce the risk of cross contamination?
10. Does your laundry have a barrier wall between clean and soiled areas?
11. Does your laundry undertake quarterly water testing by a qualified microbiologist?
12. Does your laundry keep wash room logs for every wash cycle?
13. Does your laundry undertake weekly RABC meetings?

Grosvenor Contracts can answer yes to all the above questions.

We are confident that we can offer a service that not only helps to reduce NHS budgets, but also delivers decontaminated laundry that is helping win the fight against hospital aquired infections.

Contact us today to find out how we can you help deliver healthcare laundry that complies with CFPP 0104.

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