Dubai hospitals to be rated like hotels

an image of 5 gold stars on a green backgroundDUBAI // Hospitals will be given ratings similar to those used for hotels in a system due to be introduced within two years.

The Dubai Health Authority website will carry details of each hospital’s performance, compared with international standards.

Health chiefs hope it will further advance services and improve patients’ choices, while bolstering the growing medical tourism market.

Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, DHA director of health regulation and the medical tourism initiative, said the ratings system would bring transparency and help to improve medical services.

“Hospitals will be graded in a similar way to hotels and the information will be a public record and available on the DHA website,” Dr Al Marzouqi said.

“That information will be available to patients so they can make an informed choice of where they go for their treatment.”

Factors will include how many successful operations have been performed, any breaches at the hospital, overall performance and the experience of doctors, whose qualifications will be publicly available.

Other factors to be made available will be equipment quality, the outcome of audits, patient experience – such as availability of translators – and ambience.

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