Grosvenor Contracts has complied with Government Guidance on Covid-19

Staying Safe during Covid-19 - Grosvenor Contracts


Grosvenor Contracts is fully compliant with all Covid-19 Guidance from the UK government

At Grosvenor Contracts we take standards very seriously, not just for our staff, but for all of those who rely on our commercial laundry service or disposables to be part of their fight against infection control.

We are pleased to announce that we have complied with all Covid-19 guidance set out by the UK Government. 

We have carried out a full risk assessment for Covid-19 and continue to communicate with our staff about what we are doing, and how they can work with us to minimise risk.

We have are putting social distancing, hygiene standards and working from home practices in throughout our business, so that we can continue to offer the best customer service and highest standards now, as we always have.

Any process like this is ongoing and we will continue to review our practices in line with guidance, as it updated by the UK Government.

If you have any questions then please contact us to find out more about our health and safety standards.