Moving NHS beds apart ‘beats superbugs’: Call for larger windows and fewer patients on wards in ‘Victorian-style makeover’ to help cut risk of infection


Moving hospital beds further apart and having fewer patients on wards will prevent the spread of a new breed of superbugs, say experts. There should also be large windows for better air circulation as part of a ‘Victorian-style makeover’ to help cut the risk of infection. Scientists said such measures would buy medics crucial time as they attempt to develop new cures for antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

  • Experts say the steps will prevent the spread of a new breed of superbugs
  • Added that there should be a return to ‘Victorian style’ hospital wards
  • World Health Organisation has warned of a ‘post antibiotic’ era

Last month the World Health Organisation warned that the threat was so high patients may soon die from scratches or grazes that become infected. Professor Kevin Kerr, from Hull York Medical School, told the Royal Society: ‘We are talking about returning hospital wards to the type we had 100 years ago.

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