News from UAE: Investment in infection control can save lives

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Despite the widely held assumption that prevention is better than cure, many health care facilities don’t invest enough money, resources and effort into prevention and control programmes. As The National reports today, experts say that health care managers are reluctant to spend cash to develop such measures because they don’t receive direct revenue from this investment – even though patients who acquire infections in hospitals may end up staying for longer.

This is despite the fact that sometimes even the introduction of simple measures can help greatly in controlling infection rates of Mers and other diseases.

The so-called hospital “superbug” MRSA, for instance, is resistant to a number of antibiotics and is able to survive for long periods on common surfaces such as door handles, floors, sinks and taps.

The particular circumstances of a hospital environment – with large numbers of staff tending to large numbers of immune system-weakened patients – provides fertile ground for MRSA to exploit.

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