PRESS RELEASE: Greater choice for healthcare laundry buyers

Grosvenor Contracts Major Expansion of their Healthcare Laundry

With limited choice for healthcare laundry buyers Grosvenor Contracts are pleased to announce plans for a major expansion at their Healthcare Laundry Facility. Having taken on considerably more space in their existing Central London location they will increase their laundry capacity by a factor of seven.

Grosvenor Contracts are investing in a bespoke system which means they can take into account the nature of contamination and soiling and then design specialist wash and decontamination cycles for each ward within a hospital. Utilising microbiologists and Bio-decontamination Testing enhances quality and disinfection, Process Validation is standard and Quarterly Bio-decontamination Reports are offered to all clients.

Grosvenor will be increasing their staff by 25%. As well as looking forward to offering employment to local people they also plan to offer apprenticeships to local school and college leavers.

Grosvenor Guarantees to:

  • Meet and exceed CFPP 0104
  • Fully segregate clean and soiled laundry
  • Ensure all wash cycles meet disinfection standards with Process Validation
  • Offer quarterly bio-decontamination reports
  • Provide you with the best value
  • Challenge your current supplier
  • Ensure all energy use is Carbon Offset
  • Deliver a sustainable service through ISO 14001 Management System
  • Ensure delivery without failure by Contingency Planning
  • Always provide a first class service