Ordering Disposables

With so many available options for our disposable curtains we’ve devised this simple matrix to help you work out the code you require to make an order.

When ordering directly from Grosvenor Contracts the codes for our disposable cubicle curtains and disposable shower curtains consist of four parts, they are: width/drop/hook type/colour, each divided by a slash. Use the bold characters only from the matrix below to make the code. For example, 7.5m/2m/T1/DB refers to a curtain that is 7.5m wide, 2m drop, Type 1 hook in Dark Blue, easy.

Disposable curtains code matrix – width / drop / hook type / colour

  • Width

    2m (Shower Curtain, 20 per box)
    3.75m (Half size, 20 per box)
    7.5m (Full size, 10 per box)

  • Drop

    2m (Standard)
    2.5m (Extra Length)

  • Hook type

    E (Eyelet only)
    T1 (Type 1)
    T2 (Type 2)
    FB (Fatboy)

  • Colour

    DB (Dark Blue/Medical Blue)
    LB (Light Blue)
    DG (Dark Green)
    LG (Light Green)
    P (Pink)
    L (Lilac)
    C (Cream)
    B (Beige)
    W (White)

Our Disposable Curtains are available through our NHS Supplychain Supplier Framework Agreement » Please note, when ordering via NHS Supply Chain you must use their codes »

For current pricing and special offers please call us on:
+44 (0) 20 7237 0099 or email us at info@grosvenorcontracts.com

To place an order please email us at info@grosvenorcontracts.com or fax us on +44 (0) 20 7237 4400, a purchase order will be required.
If you are a new customer we will need a pro-forma invoice.

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