Bomb Film (ASF)

95% of all injuries incurred during an explosion are caused by flying glass

When a bomb explodes outside a building it isn’t the explosion that kills people, it’s the shards of glass from windows that cause fatal damage. Bomb blast film, or anti-shatter film, is designed to keep those shards of glass intact after an explosion, keeping the people inside safe.

    • Benefits:

      • Protection from shattered glass during nearby bomb explosion
      • Important health and safety measure for government and commercial buildings
      • Completely clear and colourless
      • Blocks 99.999% of harmful ultraviolet light

      Bomb blast film technical details:

      • Gauge 350 micron
      • Peel strength 985 g/cm
      • Tensile strength 2,110 kg/cm2
      • Break strength 75 kg/cm
      • ASTM D4830 puncture test 104 kg
    • Extensive experience:

      • Offices and Hotels
      • Prestigious Government Buildings
      • Banks and High Security Areas
      • Embassies and Consulates
      • Schools and Universities

      Quality and guarantee

      We offer a 10 year guarantee on window film materials and installation. We can fit any film within 14 days of order and guarantee a prompt, professional, and tidy service. All products supplied by Grosvenor Contacts are designed to be fit for purpose or over spec’d.

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  • Bomb-Film

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