Energy Film

Our energy film manifestations are ideal for reducing summer heat. Applied directly to your window glazing these films are designed to reflect heat to your advantage, keeping the heat outside in the summer and inside during the winter, making cool savings on your heating and electric bills.

    • Benefits:

      • Reduce solar heat gain by up to 55%
      • Maintain visible light transmittance of 72%
      • Block 99.999% of harmful ultraviolet light protecting furniture, pets and people
      • Anti-shatter bomb blast capability
      • Save hundreds, even thousands, on utility bills
      • Reflects only as much light as a normal window

      Energy film technical details:

      • Gauge 75 microns
      • Tensile strength 2,100 kg/cm2
      • Melting point 260–265°C
    • Extensive experience:

      • Offices and Hotels
      • Prestigious Government Buildings
      • Banks and High Security Areas
      • Embassies and Consulates
      • Schools and Universities

      Quality and guarantee

      We offer a 10 year guarantee on window film materials and installation. We can fit any film within 14 days of order and guarantee a prompt, professional, and tidy service. All products supplied are designed to be fit for purpose.

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