Healthcare Laundry

Nine reasons why you should consider our healthcare laundry offer

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    1. NSAI audited and certified to IS-EN14065-2002

    This is critical when choosing your Healthcare Laundry supplier as without it you have no evidence that your service will comply with HTM0104, the Care Quality Commissions (CQC) standards, leaving your hospital exposed to risk.

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    2. Independent Microbiological Testing

    As part of our EN14065 we conduct scheduled independent quarterly tests, we are currently logging a disinfection rate of Log 8.
    The Healthcare industry standards is a minimum of log 5.

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    3. Brand new dedicated linen stock to your contract from day one

    During mobilisation our experienced team will work with you to purchase new dedicate stock that meets your wishes and requirements.

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    4. Unrivalled Contingency

    Our laundry model is designed to de-risk machinery breakdowns with more than two of each piece of machinery and/or replacement support. Should all fail, we have agreements in place with Three Healthcare Laundry whom have double the spare capacity, of our facility! We also hold dedicated contingency stock in-house and with our selected suppliers.

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    5. UK’s newest Healthcare Laundry

    The UK’s newest Healthcare Laundry with Barrier wall and Brand new machines.

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    6. High Quality

    GC utilise unique quality control management systems achieving reject rates below 0.002%. This is 15 times better than the Healthcare Laundry national average. This brings confidence in our product and saves you, the client, time and money in managing a poor-quality service.

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    7. Specialist Pre-Washing Systems

    Eliminating colour runs and improving cleaning, stock counted and the data stored delivering an insight into stock circulation.

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    8. Barrier wall

    Designed with a barrier wall offering complete segregation between soiled and clean laundry. This ensures the highest level of protection against cross contamination and is a legislated must throughout Europe.

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    9. Central London location

    Located in Central London with local staff & SME status.

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