Fully Managed Service

Final installation is not the final word from Grosvenor Contracts. Our fully managed services are pro-active, we’ll work closely with you to schedule future work well in advance and we’ll also give you a priority service for urgent unforeseen jobs. We offer fully managed services on the following:

  • Blind and Curtain – Cleaning and Maintenance

    Blinds and curtains act as air filters collecting harmful bacteria. Annual or bi-annual cleaning will create a healthier environment for your staff or patients reducing sickness and saving money. Regular maintenance will also increase the lifespan of your blinds and curtains meaning they won’t need replacing so often, once again, saving you time and money in the long run.

    Disposable Cubicle Curtains

    Infection control experts and CQC officials mandate that your disposable cubicle and window curtains should be changed frequently throughout the year. By signing up for Grosvenor Contract’s fully managed service you can put your mind at ease knowing that your curtain changes will be performed on time and by professional and experienced fitters.


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    We guarantee to challenge your current supplier.

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  • Cubicle Curtain Rails

    Track maintenance, lubrication and disinfection on a regular basis will improve the functionality and extend the life of your cubicle curtain rails saving you money.

    Healthcare Laundry

    Grosvenor Contracts offer long term agreements to medium and large size trusts and private healthcare groups for the following:

    • Laundry collection and delivery
    • Stock allocation
    • Fully validated disinfection process
    • Processing and finishing of laundry
    • Packaging
    • Comprehensive PDA system for tracking, auditing, and inventory monitoring

    All products supplied by Grosvenor Contacts are designed to be fit for purpose or over spec’d.