Diversity and Fair Labour Standards Policy

  • 1.1. Introduction

    We are committed to ensuring that the Organisation is a place where people count and the differences between them do not. Valuing diversity and tapping into the unique ideas, opinions, perspectives and talents of all the different people who work with us will enrich every part of our business.

    1.2. Aims

    We aim to:

    1. create a culture of inclusion where we welcome difference;
    2. value individuals for the positive benefits that a diverse range of inputs, views and experiences can bring;
    3. ensure everyone treats one another with respect;
    4. eradicate any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying;
    5. make inclusiveness a reality by ensuring that managers actively seek views and employees are actively encouraged to put forward their ideas;
    6. support the use of flexible working patterns, wherever practicable, to enable you to balance work and family responsibilities

    1.3. Responsibilities

    As an employee, we expect you to:

    1. understand the fact that we are all different.
    2. view difference as a strength, not a threat
    3. value the benefits that individual ideas can bring.
    4. treat one another with respect, ensuring we do nothing that could undermine others’ dignity.
    5. learn to understand what others actually believe and value, and respect their convictions.
    6. avoid imposing your views on others.
    7. work to prevent disagreement about personal values leading to conflict.
    8. not misrepresent or disparage other people’s beliefs and practices.
    9. co-operate with any measures introduced to develop or monitor diversity.