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Part 2 of Anti-Glare Solutions: A comprehensive guide to selecting blinds as your anti-glare option

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

This is the second installment of our blog series about anti-glare remedies. We are aware that much light, particu

larly during this season, can have a negative effect on available space and how it is utilised. We can assist you whether you determine that anti-glare film is an appropriate option for your workplace, view our first blog post for more information, or wish to install blinds that can also address this issue.

Windows facing west or east frequently let in excessive amounts of sunshine, which causes the rooms to become extremely hot and glaring. Anti-glare solutions guarantee that these types of rooms are shielded, allowing you to continue with activities like reading a book or using a computer. We covered the anti-glare film in our last blog post, so now we'll concentrate on blinds as a remedy.

Although window blinds were initially employed by monarchs in the 17th century, they are currently the most popular kind of window covering in the 21st. The world of blinds has seen significant change as a result of technological improvements. Many classic types are being replaced with roller blinds with automated functions that can be adjusted with a remote control. Certain blinds can even be operated from a laptop using a wireless connection, giving you computer control over them.

Reasons to consider using an anti-glare product

Window blinds are useful in many different kinds of settings, including workplaces, apartments, schools, and medical facilities. Anti-glare products may be necessary for a variety of reasons, particularly during this time of year when the sun is lower in the sky. While blinds are undoubtedly a stylish addition to any room, there are many good reasons to invest in this kind of anti-glare technology as it can improve both your home and workplace efficiency.

The following are some ways that blinds can assist you in reducing glare:

1. Regulate the quantity of light that enters the space

Window blinds provide you easy control over the quantity of light that enters the space. Blinds are the ideal option whether you need to partially or completely cover the window. They also let you personalise the look and feel of your company or workspace because you can control the lighting by selecting different colours and artificial elements.

2. Efficiency in energy usage

In terms of energy efficiency, window blinds work similarly to other window treatments in that they act as insulation by trapping air against the windows. This facilitates the process of heating or cooling a room to the desired temperature. The correct window blinds will save you money and effort because statistics show that windows are one of the key locations in a building that contribute to energy loss.

When direct sunlight is needed, blinds let it in, but when it gets too strong, they shut it out entirely. They make a space more energy efficient by removing 45% of the heat.

3. Simple to keep up

Blinds require less upkeep than typical curtains because you may wash or clean them without having to take them down. Alternatively, dust can be effectively removed with a soft or moist cloth. Furthermore, because of their strength and durability, you won't need to replace them for repairs—instead, you'll only need to change styles.

4. Upholds privacy

When you require seclusion, the blinds deliver since they let light into the space without sacrificing privacy. This is especially true for businesses that handle sensitive jobs that need the highest level of anonymity, like psychiatrists. Additionally, when you drop the blinds, no one will be able to see you from the outside, giving you an extra sense of security. You will be shielded from prying eyes by your privacy.

5. Economy of scale

Blinds are an affordable solution to improve your workplace space's aesthetic appeal. They are reasonably priced and come in an extensive array of colours, allowing everyone to select the tints that best suit their spending capacity. Additionally, because installation simply takes a few minutes, they are simple to set up. Window blinds cost-effectively and effortlessly give your spaces a beautiful touch.

6. Extremely adaptable

Because they are made in so many different patterns, colours, designs, and materials, blinds are incredibly adaptable and let you choose the ideal option for your requirements. For instance, you might choose wooden window blinds for a rustic motif if the furniture in your home is wooden.

Window blinds are frequently made of fibreglass, vinyl, plastic, bamboo, imitation wood, and metals like aluminium.

7. Safety measures

Traditional window curtains might be problematic in homes and hospitals where there are children and pets. This is due to slats and chords that have the potential to entangle children and animals, injuring or even killing them. But window blinds are meant to shield family members from harm like this.

Since they are simple to install and can be remotely adjusted to rise and drop as needed, cordless and motorised blinds are growing in popularity.

Various kinds of window coverings:

There are several different types of blinds that can be used to completely block out light or to let in natural light while blocking glare. While blinds are widely accessible and simple to install, choosing the ideal blind choice for your needs can be difficult.

The type of fabric used is important since it affects the blind's longevity and the conditions in which it can be used. There are four primary textiles utilised:

1. Dart fabric swatch: Made of fibreglass with a plastic coating, this material is robust, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. The fabric is appropriate for the healthcare sector since it is made with a unique formula that prevents the spread of illnesses.

2. Thames-daylight fabric swatch — This fabric reduces glare by letting you adjust how much light comes through the windows. It is typically utilised in computer-heavy commercial facilities, such workplaces and institutions.

3. Roach fabric swatch — This flame-resistant fabric is appropriate for use in business settings where fire threats are most common, including laboratories. It also provides defence against UV radiation from the sun.

4. Roe fabric swatch: This high-performance fabric achieves a traditional style while controlling light in office areas. In order to repel stains, the fabric has been pre-treated with repellent treatments and has a firm texture.

Additionally, take into account the blinds' features to gain knowledge about which kind would best suit your requirements. Here are a few popular varieties of window coverings that are readily available:

Roman Shades

This is a traditional blind that is ideal for use in offices and educational settings. The roman blind is made of cloth, has horizontal pleats, and is divided into portions by individual dowel insertions. To easily raise or lower the window blinds, the cording is threaded through rings fastened to the parts.

When fully drawn, the blinds can give an interesting detail and quality to a room, depending on the pattern or colour selection. It can produce an attractive yet useful appearance. If you want certain parts of the room to be a little bit darker, Roman blinds give you more control over the light balance.

Roller Blinds

These kinds of blinds are equally well-liked for their convenience and longevity. Rooms with smaller windows are ideal for the addition of roller blinds. They are attached to the main pole that is set up inside the window area; the appropriate cording is wrapped around the pole to allow you to raise or lower the blinds as needed.

Roller blinds with a rigid rear lining are made to block out extra light entering the room, giving you more control over how much light is needed.

Venetian Blinds

These horizontally oriented blinds are easily obtainable in plastic, metal, or wood. The Venetian blinds are made of separate slats that are precisely stitched together using cording, allowing them to fit uniformly in any kind of window opening. The angle and height of the blinds can be changed to suit your needs.

Because it gives an executive, modern appearance, this kind of blind is appropriate for offices, but it can also be used in sitting rooms and modern residences.

Vertical Blinds

Attached clips, beaded strings, and individual weights are all present in the vertical blinds. Initially, each blind panel is fastened to a window fitting separately. After that, the weights are added to the blinds to ensure proper hanging, and the beading is firmly fixed to ensure that everything moves in unison when the blinds are adjusted.

To preserve seclusion or add the necessary quantity of light to any location, the blinds can be drawn at an angle. Vertical blinds work well in any kind of space.

Pleated Blinds

The fabric-based blinds are easily adjusted into tidy folds that slide up and down within the space. Pleated blinds have a lining to block out extra light in the summer and are effective in reducing the quantity of light entering the room.

There are different cell sizes available for improved insulation; the more cells in the blinds, the more energy-efficient they are. Regular cleaning is necessary for pleated blinds since tiny insects have a tendency to climb the empty chambers and perish there.

A new era of window blinds that automatically adjust to light, temperature, or time of day is being ushered in by smart blinds. The blind can be controlled by a smartphone app or computer programme that uses a small gadget to regulate the tilt mechanism. Through a tiny panel that is fixed right on the window, solar energy is used to charge the gadget.

Last words

Window blinds are becoming the most sought-after substitute for curtains as they continue to advance. By adjusting the office's ambiance and removing solar glare, blinds help businesses better influence potential customers and business partners. Take the surroundings, theme colour, season, and budget into account while selecting window coverings. Other advantages of this anti-glare system are energy economy, privacy, and ease of maintenance.

Get in touch with us right now to learn more about the anti-glare films or blinds we can provide for you.


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