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We have reduced our carbon footprint from our day to day operational activities through:

  • Effective route planning

  • Investing in a fuel-efficient fleet

  • Introducing Electric vehicles into the fleet

  • Increasing re-use and reducing landfill

  • Reducing processing energy consumption

  • Reducing packaging

  • Paperless Invoicing

  • Group Carbon Reduction plan

The key elements that underpin our sustainability approach are:

  • The efficient use of fuel by the vehicle fleet.

  • The efficient use of energy.

  • Business travel.

  • Working with our customers to reduce environmental impact.

Our Approach

Carbon footprint wheel

We are deeply committed to our responsibility regarding the influence we exert on the environment and the neighbouring communities. 

Grosvenor, in partnership with its trade association, the Textile Services Association (TSA), actively participates in the Climate Change Agreement administered by the Central Government (Department of Energy and Climate Change). This engagement offers a direct incentive for diminishing carbon emissions in accordance with established targets, which Grosvenor has consistently achieved. 


Our Commitment

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