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re-upholstered chair and hospital room


In a healthcare setting, benches, couches, patient chairs, and examination beds with damaged upholstery pose a significant infection control risk. Such issues can be easily identified during a CQC inspection.  

Grosvenor Contracts offers an affordable solution; We undertake tasks such as foam replacement, re-upholstering chairs with healthcare-grade fabric, and thoroughly refurbishing the entire wooden frame, resulting in chairs and furniture that appear brand new. 

Not only do re-upholstered chairs cost half as much as replacements, but this approach allows you to preserve your capital budget while utilizing your refurbishment budget.


With a wide range of fabric options to choose from, Grosvenor Contracts can cater to all your upholstery requirements, specializing in revitalizing your furniture.  


  • Hygienic – improved infection control 

  • Save money on costly replacements 

  • Save money on disposal  

Quality and Guarantee:

  • Our upholstery works are completed with a four point quality check and are rigorously tested. We are ISO9001 and 14001 accredited and all our fabrics come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. All products supplied by Grosvenor Contacts are designed to be fit for purpose.

Available Fabrics:  

  • Waterproof 

  • Wipe-able 

  • Patterned 

  • Woven 

  • Antimicrobial 

  • Bleachable 

  • Fireproof 

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